Club History

Through the years Ingleton F.C. have had four names 1919/20 Ingleton won Parkinson Challenge Cup. 1928/29 Ingleton United won Craven Cup 1929/30 Ingleton United won N/L Senior Division 1 & Craven Cup 1930/31 Ingleton United won Gibson Challeng

Club Life Members

Mrs. E. McGonnigal Mr. R. Murray Mr. W. Hodgson Mr. N. Cross Mr. H. Wood Mr. G. Thistlethwaite Mr. D. Kendall Mr. G. Jackson Mr. S. Bargh Mr. I. Murray Mr. P. Horton Mr. D. Tennant Mr. S. Murray Mr. R. Earnshaw Mr. A. Kendall

Club Award Winners

Club Award Winners

Club Awards (13 pages)

2015-16 Trophy Winners Preston Cup - Club Loyalty - D Easterby Ferguson Cup - Loyalty - B Morphet & D Whitfield Cooling Cup - 1st Team Consistency - T Earnshaw Greenwood Cup - 1st Team Players Player T Earnshaw & D Whitfield Jonathan Kendall Cup -


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